TELA School

Client: SSAI non-profit organisation
Location: Enugu, Nigeria
Status: Under construction
Year: 2017

Design of a large school in Nigeria, that will serve a total of 1,100 children, radically transforming the surrounding villages and its people

Supporting the efforts of a change-maker priest in Enugu state, Nigeria that is radically transforming the surrounding villages and its people, Olon Design group decided to design a large school for the community. The school will serve a total of 1,100 children, composed of a primary and secondary school, lab spaces, large open air theatre, and a community library.

The school is part of a larger masterplan of the SSAI Organisation founded by Father Charles, that initiated by bringing potable water to the community, a youth accommodation space for more than 300 orphan children and Enugu state’s first free large medical clinic serving more than 100 people daily.

The educational system that is making a difference is a value based education with a special focus to sustainability. Beyond the orphan children hosted within the site, more than 700 children will be arriving from the surrounding 35 villages coming from the most challenging economic realities. Olon took into account all the needs of the users and the community, and included them in a participatory design process. Utilizing local construction materials such as sandbricks, mostly made within the site and local builders, gave the building a higher sense of local ownership. The children will be sheltered in a series of circular spaces that encompass a central courtyard enhancing their sense of belonging and community identity.